Impermanent Loss Calculator w/Rewards

This is an impermanent loss calculator that also takes into account the rewards you will receive from being a liquidity provider. This should help you get a better idea of how much you could actually earn from being a liquidity provider, even after incurring impermanent loss.


Token A
Token B

Initial Prices

Token A
Token B

Future Prices

Token A
Token B

Rewards Info

APR or APY %
Time in Pool (Days)
Impermanent Loss:$-500.00 (-25.00%)
Interest Earned:$2027.78 (101.39%)
Total Value With Interest:$4027.78
Difference Versus Holding:$1527.78
Future Token A Quantity:50.00
Future Token B Quantity:200.00
Total Value Before Interest:$2000.00
Total Value With Interest:$4027.78
Initial Value:$2000.00
Token A Value If Held:$2000.00
Token B Value If Held:$500.00
Total Value If Held:$2500.00
Crafted (hastily) by @Artisan0x

Calculations are based off of an IL Calculator spreadsheet I found somewhere that calculated rewards as well. If you think it was your spreadsheet please let me know so I can give credit.

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